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The research we undertake provides the springboard for us and our community partners to discuss and prioritize labour market issues, trends, and opportunities unique to Sarnia Lambton.

We then act on these collaborative discussions, in partnership with local stakeholders, to resolve specific issues and meet identified needs. 
In addition to undertaking research and publishing reports on our findings, two of which are described below in greater detail, we organize and host a number of events related to workforce development throughout the year.

Our cornerstone publication
On an annual basis, we publish a
TOP Report – or a Trends, Opportunities and Priorities Report. This report is a result of a collaborative process with our community partners and stakeholders, and provides us with a roadmap for developing an action plan on how to address our workforce needs. 

Timely data 
We publish
Workforce Focus six times a year to provide accurate, up-to-date data on the Sarnia Lambton workforce development picture. Each Workforce Focus hones in on a particular workforce issue such as tourism sector development or the local aboriginal workforce.  

What we do: Engage, facilitate, create, organize

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